Saturday, 30 January 2010

Creative at last!

Saturdays are so busy in my house! Up at 7am for the boys to have swimming lessons, then 2 minutes after they have come in the door their piano teacher, David arrives. I'm sure that they will hate us for this when they are older.

Practice is a constant battle but whenever we say that they can give up they don't want to so there must be something in it! In fact my eldest passed his ABRSM Grade 4 at 8 years old which is apparently pretty spectacular! Never the less he's lazy and the battle continues!

Managed to make up orders that came in yesterday and needed sending today. One had beautiful tropical butterflies handmade by a very clever lady in York called Joanne (thank you Jo!) I'll attach a pic when I've finished!

Just got an email that Rugby (see I said they would hate me!) for tomorrow is cancelled...yippee a lie in ( I expect Phoebe will be up at 5am - typical!!)
So now (whilst the world is sleeping)...some new designs to work on!

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