Monday, 15 March 2010

Busy busy busy!

Today is a busy and productive day at Dottie HQ! The sun is shining, washing on the line and daffs are growing well.

I've made a Keepsake Box for the Marie Curie Auction - hope they like it!

I've been busy making up the orders that came over the weekend. I've just made a Memory Album for a baby girl who was born last week. I am really impressed and can't believe that her parents are awake enough to be shopping on line! Although the order did arrive around Midnight!

I am really lucky to have been able to enlist the help of an incredibly artistic (if pretty small) helper. Unlike my other children she doesn't understand the minimum wage although her mantra of "just stick as much on as you can" does have to be reigned in at times!

Happy Days!


  1. It's great when they haven't heard of Pocket money isn't it!!!

  2. Yes it is!! She loves to help which is really nice! Sticks all the Dottie Designs labels on before I post my parcels. They are usually straight....!