Sunday, 21 March 2010

Fimo Numbers - they've arrived!

Flush from the success of my Fimo letters, I was asked to make a guest book for a 30th birthday party. I had my usual 30 labels and made one up using that. I then set to work on making a Fimo 30 so that she could have a choice of design. Which do you prefer?

This is my usual design that sells pretty well although now I think it looks a little bit flat.

This is my new Fimo 30, I'm rather pleased with it! It can be made spotty, stripey...whatever!

Unlike the other numbers that only come in a choice of pink, blue or silver, I can make these numbers in whatever colour the customer likes and match in the ribbon and Swarovski crystals to match them. I'm quite irrationally excited by them and also love the fact that it's something that I've created from scratch.

With my OH still at sea I've got 3 whirlwinds to entertain today. They have money in their pockets (the bigger ones) and want to go to Toys R Us. Not my favourite place as I always end up getting fleeced and almost always (temporarily) lose one of the children! Still littlie power has a way of winning in my house I'm ashamed to say so I'm we will be there later on!

Tomorrow is Operation Seahorse, with 100 seahorse cards to make for a local company who give one of my cards and £10 to each of their employees on their birthday! How cool is that!

I'll take come photos when they are done and upload next time!

Have a great Sunday x


  1. What a difference the fimo numbers make, the original version was pretty as it was but the new fimo numbers really stands out! I can see why you're SO excited by them...good luck and congrats with operation seahorse, marice x

  2. Thank you for liking them! Actually the customer just chose the other ones...booo!
    No accounting for taste and actually it's good to provide a choice I guess!

  3. I really like the 3D version aswell, it's nice to have a choice to offer though!

  4. That looks really good.
    love the Fimo numbers.
    Em x