Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Lots of glue and then a bit more!

Miss P and I have had lots of fun this morning making a thank you card for the fabulous Auntie Rene who always comes to the rescue when we need her!

On Saturday the boys had a try out at the Kings's Youth Theatre in Southsea. It is a spectacular, old theatre with the most amazing roof! They were invited to go along for a look see and then for a free showing of Joseph! I could go along to the show too for a few quid...yay!

Problem? Miss P, a bit too little for Joseph, so Auntie Rene had her from 9 o'clock until 5 o'clock. A veritable saint! She took her to a country park, the Natural History Museum, a model village and supplied lunch & icecream!!

So this morning she set about making a card....note the layering effect? Very advanced if I say so myself for a 2 year old (nearly 3)


  1. Bless her. Looks like she worked hard on that. Sounds like she had a fab day too.

  2. Hey Dottie, You won the 70 squares of felt in Aprils Giveaway! Email me your addy when you have time xx TheFeltFairy @ (no gaps)!