Wednesday, 2 June 2010

June Loons

Well I was too chicken to join the Folksy Foolers who listed every day in April or the May Mayhemmers who did the same in May! But as my shops are all a bit empty I thought I would rise to the challenge and try to list an item in easch shop each day! So far, I've survived 2 days, so 6 items added.....yay!!

Most people do know Dottie Designs but Dotties Cards and Dotties Bits and Bobs are less promoted as there just isn't enough time!! I would love to make sales from my odds and ends shop as I would like to clear some space for a studio re-organise!!

Yesterday I listed a cute new baby boy Keepsake Box which I have already had some enquiries about!

There are lots of other people doing the daily listings and whenever I get to blog about it I am going to choose my favourite from that days list.

Today my favourite is from Steampunk Storm I love dragonflies and this is just so beautiful and clever.

Only another 28 days to do!!!


  1. Wonder Woman!!! Six listings in two days!!!

    Do you twirl round, really fast, in bright red pants too!

    Love Natalie x

  2. Blimey, I'm lucky to rake up one a month at the moment! Keep up the good work, only 27 days left!!!!

  3. Wishing you load of luck and loads of sales