Sunday, 18 July 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

As it is exactly 2 weeks until Selfridges open their Christmas shop I decided that it was time at Dottie HQ to start thinking about what would fill my own shelves this Chistmas. I have made a start on a few designs, mainly for children, not in the shops yet..... Do you like them?

I am still playing catch up both in cyberspace and in my house! With the long summer holdays looming I have a million things to do in the 4 days left before the fun commences!!

I was very excited to be asked to write for the Folksy blog too, I will post a link on here when it is published! All about how to entertain your kids for 6 weeks!!

I have continued with the July Jesters although it has been a struggle somedays to list. Today in the spirit of my Christmas is Coming frame of mind I have listed a Christmas Card Making Kit.

Tomorrow I am going to do a blog featuring all of the Jesters that have been kind enough to blog about me whilst I've been too busy to blog! Thank you!


  1. Oh its just awful thinking of Christmas at this time of year, sun shining, well, sometimes!!:)

    I am a papercrafter, so am now thinking Christmas makes for the markets.

    Love the things you have made!!

    Am having give-away on my Blog if you have time to pop over and have a look! Drawing it on 25th July!!
    Michelle x

  2. Lovely items Dottie! And if it is good enough for Selfridges to get started on Christmas, then its good enough for us!

    Natalie x