Saturday, 31 July 2010

Survived Week One of the School Holidays!

I love my children to bits and would do anything for them, but when they are all together for the whole week it can be quite exhausting. It doesn't help perhaps that there is a 7 year age gap from the youngest to the eldest which means that they like doing different things, watching different TV etc.

Thank goodness that we live next to the beach. Every day last week through rain & shine we ventured out to the beach at Hill Head. One morning we were the first there, our only company being the council workers cleaning up and emptying the bins which was great to see!

The kids love this beach, we come here in the Winter and play hide & seek in the beach huts!

My eldest 2 managed a dip although my daughter said they were very silly as it was freezing!
To be honest, she had a point!!

Master T braving the elements!

They do take it for granted though, when asked today if they wanted to go to the beach the chorused nahhhh!

Next week they are at Theatre School at The King's Theatre in Southsea. They are going to learn and perform in a week the musical "Honk". Miss P is at nursery for 2 days so Dottie HQ can get busy in daylight which will make a change from this last week of snatched 5 minutes and midnight crafting!!


  1. What a beautiful beach, I think we would venture there in all the elements too. I live by the sea (sort off, as its never in) but our beach is not the best thats for sure. Glad school hols are behind me now, my daughter is 19 in a few weeks.


  2. LOL!! I hear you all the way there sistah!!! I live oh but a stone's throw from our beach in Holland on Sea (Nr Clacton Essex) and the beach is a saviour come rain or shine. I must admit I do get bored around week 3, which is when I swap our beach for another one (this year Torquay).

    I don't know about you, but I find the school holiday put a kink in my chain. Though my boys are alot older(17 he is Autistic) and 13 ( he is just really annoying))

    I hope you have a fun rest of the holidays. We are going on a spy misson when our pack arrives..

    Have a great night x

  3. I wish i lived closer to a beach! Love the photo of the beach huts x

  4. I remember the holidays when my mum had four of us, my sister is 10 years older than me and two boys in the middle. She must have been tearing her hair out looking back on it now!

  5. Ah Dottie - I see we are going through similar things! Wouldnt mind a WHAM club as was a bit of a fan :)) hee hee. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog too x

  6. soooooo wish I lived by the sea .....will keep dreaming ,am freezing just watching Master T in the sea!!!
    Those happy days in the school hols when I was younger and used to disappear all day with my siblings (of which there were quite a Dad was in the RAF ,every time he came back from deploying I seemed to end up with another one !)on our bikes,off down the woods, building dens ...........
    good luck with the rest of the hols xx