Tuesday, 19 October 2010

It's giveaway time again!!

It's giveaway time again yippee!! I'm celebrating breaking through 1000 followers on Twitter and 250 blog followers. Thank you for being interested in me!

As (whispers) Christmas is approaching I thought a nice big Christmas crafting kit might be a nice thing to give away to get you in the festive spirit!

Your kit if you are the winner will not necessarily look like this, in fact it is likely that it will be much much nicer with glitters, scissors and more!!!

Nothing too complicated to do!! Just go to my Folksy Shop and see if there is something missing that you would like to see there. Somebody emailed this morning to ask if I could do a Prom Keepsake Box as they couldn't find one anywhere. So I will now make up a range!! I am in the process of populating my own website and I want to make sure that I cover all areas!

Winner will be drawn out of a Bob the Builder hat on Friday 29th October at 0900.

Good luck!


  1. May be a "little Angel" keepsake box for those little ones that go to heaven?

    It is a hard subject to cover but certainly well worth it :)

  2. I have a my family book for my 3 kids, but i must admit as much as i cherish it, it is not an attractive book. In it when they were veryh young i got them to write their hopes and wishes for the future. its lovley to look back at and if i saw a nice one its certainly something i would buy as a gift

  3. How about family history boxes? Say - for grandparents/parents to leave for little ones?

    Also (and I know it's another hard subject) maybe something for parents who don't/can't have contact with their children. sarah x

  4. Your designs are so, so pretty. How about a box for '1st Birthday' or '1st Christmas' - I know that with my children I have kept all their 1st birthday & christmas cards - it would also be lovely to have somewhere to pop tags, photos & even the outfit they wore.

  5. You make everything that I could think of already! lol

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  6. Fantastic giveaway Dottie!

    As i have just moved in with my wonderful boyfriends, I thought you could do a 'We've moved in' or 'Moving Home' keepsake box, to store all the lovely moving in cards given by family and friends. It is quite the momentus occassion, so one i'll be saving bits and bobs from!

    Amy x

  7. How about a retirement book - for someone leaving employment?
    The could put pics of their old workplaces or pics of their leaving do in it.

    Or it could even have a wishlist on the first page of all the things they intend to do when they actually retire.

  8. Personally us Witches and Reiki Masters have Spiritual boxes or Reiki boxes, where we can place our relevant candles, athames, matches, pictures, herbs in for a Spell box, or Tarot cards and Runes. For the Reiki box it's to focus on the person or people in question, so somewhere to have candles and crystals for that person or people and their photos or names.
    Could be custom made if you feel there is not much call?? Or BOS or BOM Book of Shadows or Book of Mirrors these are blank books, where you can stick your spells and feathers etc...

    Hope you don't mind the suggestions, Ace giveaway xx

  9. My little girl is turning into a bit of an artist (my opinion!)so somewhere to keep all the paintings and collages she does would be ace.
    Also, you could do a school box- things from the first year or ongoing for reports etc.

  10. Foster/adoptive parents do memory albums. Maybe something targetted at them- My Mum is a fostering/adoptions social worker so I could always ask her for more details if you like.

    Maybe general albums for the scrapbooker....

    Oh and some people like to do a scrapbook to cronicle their pregnacy...you know photos of the bump every week and what not...its something I'm thinking of doing when the time comes

    Fab giveaway. Good luck all

  11. Hi, what a great giveaway! How about a First Holy Communion memory box? My daughter kept all sorts from hers! Clare x

  12. Probably more a book than a box, but when I finished school we all nicked an exercise book each and signed each others with farewell messages. Still have mine somewhere, a reminder of all those people I spent that part of my life with. Some form of proper book for collecting those signatures, a bit like an autograph book, might work....
    Best, Sweetpyroangel from Folksy

  13. Hey Dottie!

    I know you have general birthday keep sake boxes, but you also have some ready made for the big birthdays, all except one... 18th!

    I'm 18 and had I thought about it at the time, it would have been lovely to have a keepsake because it was a very quiet and family affair (not the done thing, but I've never really enjoyed night clubs!) but it's too late now because I don't remember many photos being taken... not of me anyway as my cousin had her 6 month old baby with her. It totally wasn't my party at all XD

    But maybe you can catch someone elses eye?

    Lovely giveaway!

    Sarah xx

  14. As you know I already love your designs, the only thing I can think of is maybe adding some stuff to cater for other religions and their celebrations maybe?



  15. a file to keep all my little ones 'treasures' in such as painting, school certs, etc


  16. something loverly for putting certificates in. then they wouldn't be in various 'safe' places around the house.

  17. Fantastic give-away! I hope I am lucky!

    I was going to say a 'First Holy Communion' album, but I see someone else has suggested this already, so thinking of altenatives, what about a 'bar mitzvah' or other religious events?

    Natalie x

  18. KoKoKelli

    I was sort of hinting at that, i'd love a Wicca, or Pagan box. Witchy box, Spell box, Reiki Box, herb Box the list is endless for us Magickal types.
    Oh Fairy Box, Angel Box, Mermaid Box
    Ok i will shut up now xx

  19. Fab suggestions! I just did an album for a Samhaine wedding. It's been featured on Wedding.TV!!She had been searching for 18 months for an album x

  20. My Husband and I had a Humanist Joining Ceremony instead of a wedding. How about a 'Joining' or 'Handfasting' box?

    Carole x

  21. I think cards would go well, I presume some people give the boxes as gifts? And civil ceremony boxes

  22. I know someone above has suggested Fostering and adoption boxes, but as a mother of 2 adopted children I have saved things from the first day we met the children, the first day they came to live with us and of course the big day when we legally adopted them in the court

    Great giveawy would love to receive it.
    jan x