Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Favourite colours!

I love the combination of black and red and it appears all over my shops. Sensual, stylish, fun....just a great combination. This book has been selling like "hot cakes" this week which is fantastic!

I have joined the Folksy February listing club, the Valentinos! Here are a selection of some gorgeous black and red things that have already been listed today and it's only 9am!

Just click on the photos to go to the shops!
Happy browsing!


  1. Beautiful feature items!

    You know I love your red shoe design, having had a custom design for my friends daughter, who loved it!!!!

    Natalie x

  2. I love that shoe! It's the kind of shoe I want to own but could never walk in! Lovely blacks and reds

    Kate x

  3. I love the red shoe design. I want a dress to go with it, and a figure to do both justice...
    Thank you for including my necklace along with all the lovelies.

    Marie x

  4. Its a lovely colour combination - thanks so much for including my little tax disc holder! Your shoe design is stunning, I'm not surprised it has been selling well!


  5. A great pair of killer heels!, no wonder it is popular. Thanks for featuring my bracelet.

  6. Great red and black finds. Love your album and Dawn's tax disk holder is fab