Saturday, 19 February 2011

Something different....

Most of the things that I make can be reproduced which is obviously great for business but does make me feel sometimes a little unoriginal.

There has recently been a lot of activity with ACEO's on Folksy where people have shown themselves to have an enormous amount of talent. A few artists I have really loved their offereings and it struck me that I could encorporate their talent into my items.

So the first I am going to show you is using an ACEO from Lilipopo at the Glass Mountain I really love the detail that has gone into this tiny piece of artwork and think that it would be perfect for an engagement or Wedding Keepsake Box.

I have a few other people's consent to use their ACEO's and wherever they end up being listed the artist will get full recognition of their talent (and maybe some new customers!)

What do you think?


  1. Fab idea, and makes your work that little more unique. I love it :o)

  2. Thank you - I think it's pretty cute!

  3. I think it sounds great - excellent for both parties involved if proper credit is given. (love the glass mountain shop!)


  4. That's a lovely idea. I think Glass Mountain's work is wonderful too. Elaine

  5. It works really well! Such a good idea!

  6. it looks lovely. thankyou for using it so beautifully

    Kate x

  7. ooh kate and dottie - that looks so cool.
    what a great way to collaborate :)

  8. Great idea, your boxes are gorgeous and it would be great to see ACEOs on them too!