Sunday, 20 March 2011

All mine!

I have been busy this weekend working on a bespoke order from my Website for Lee & Felsa. The layered ribbon has worked beautifully and I will be trying out some other colour combinations soon!

I have also been busy lately buying as well as selling! I've looked back at what I've bought over the last few weeks and there seems to be a bit of a heart thing going on that I hadn't realised!! All of these sellers have top rate personal service and beautiful products.

This is hanging on a kitchen cupboard!

This is on the kitchen door handle....

This was a birthday pressie for my gorgeous 14 year old Niece (with a cheque!)

This was for me!

This is hanging on the other kitchen door and smells divine!

I have my eye on a spotty mouse next..... so dangerous being on line and in shops 24/7!


  1. lol! im not the only one that has that problem then? Its a constant temptation.

  2. I fight it and lose - constantly!

  3. Ah wow you have been busy ;0) So many lovely things, thank you for sharing...I know how tempting it is out many lovely things to choose from. I love the cute key rings. Thank you so much for shopping with me by the way, am so flattered. I have one of my cupcake hearts hanging up too, the vanilla smell makes me very hungry indeedy ;0)

    Hugs xx

  4. You've certainly spent your money wisely, I love Polka dots and Posies hanging heart, I will add to my very long Folksy shopping list!
    Maria x