Sunday, 13 March 2011

A New Look

For a while I have been on a quest to find the perfect photographs. I've tried all types of wooden backgrounds, cloths, indoors, outdoors and I even bought a light tent. But I still struggled to photograph white books on a white background.

I needed this as Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous are keen to send off some of my product shots to Wedding and Baby magazines. So I called upon a professional photographer to take some shots for me and I'm rather pleaed at the outcome!

I posted on Folksy as a "what do you think?" question and a lot of them actually preferred my original wood backgrounds!! Still I'm pretty happy....Do you like?


  1. They look great. How did your professional photographer get the results you were after? Did he use a light box or some other clever tricks? Elaine

  2. They had a totally white room, white canvas on floor, walls etc. Bright lights and a super duper camera! I've just booked in for a second session as this was really a try out!

  3. I think white backgrounds look much more proffessional than other ones but they're a right pain to get right. Your photographer has done a lovely job! Hope you get many many orders when they get posted off to the mags