Monday, 30 May 2011

Little Miss Dottie is 4!

Today Little Miss Dottie turned 4! Seems like yesterday that she was being born with her full head of black styled hair! She was very pleased with her gifts!

A battery driven car so that she can escape from her big brothers!

A splendid Dolls House from John Lewis that she has had her eye on for months!

She was very proud to be 4.

Although the last thing she asked before she went to sleep was "will I still be 4 tomorrow?"

What a great age!

PS Model is wearing a T Shirt beautifully made for her by polkadotsandposies


  1. Happy Birthday, she is beautiful xx

  2. What a cutie! And I'm rather jealous of her car :)

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  4. What a wonderful blog, really made me smile and looks like she had a wonderful day with pressie's I would love, let alone when I was four, a new car and a new house, fantastic!

    Natalie x