Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The School Run....

It's a long story.....but my children go to school 14 miles from where we live. Not your average school run! I was thinking today though what a splendid journey it is and thought I would share it with you.

This is where we start at Lee-on-the-Solent - We drive along the seafront to leave the village and this morning we saw a cruise liner on its way into Southampton.

Next we drive through Stubbington Village, a really old fashioned village with lots of quirky little shops, a reqally good Chinese Take Away and a fabulous Study Centre where schools go for a week at a time badger watching and beach combing.

Next we drive through Fareham - not the nicest place, but Fareham Creek is very pretty (when the tide is in!)
Then we have a choice to either do the M27 or to go over the top of Portsdown Hill. No choice if we are running early as the views are just incredible - in the summer! In the Winter you can do the whole journey across the hills in the clouds!

There is a really cool Fort that we pass by. It's free to go in and has tunnels from wars various to explore :o)

Then we come off the top of the hill!

Nearly there now - Havant is our destination!

As we come down and head towards Havant we pass Bedhampton station and have a quick look for any trains!

Then we are there! Phew! Time for the return journey then!

I hope you enjoyed sharing my journey!


  1. wow, what a journey. abit more exciting than our pootle through the park! (although we do get to pick blackberries when the season is right)

  2. I really miss living near the sea! What a lovely journey :)

  3. That's a long journey, but at least you get lovely views to make up for it! When I was at school, we lived about 11 miles away up in the Yorkshire Dales, so the bus journey went all around the houses winding through the valley. Found it tedious at the time, but it was a pretty lovely journey really! Jenny xx