Saturday, 2 July 2011

A peek in the house!

Having listed a great gardening book for men too it seems to get a lot of love on the Forums it seems that actually everyone just want the playhouse!

So not wanting to disappoint I set up an appointment with the house co-owner aka Little Miss Dottie and she said she would like to show you around!

The house used to be a dodgy orange colour and then when we moved by the sea it was decided that it should become a bit "beachhutish!"

Little Miss Dottie - ready to do her tour wearing her favourite T Shirt that she had made for her by the lovely Mary @ Polkadotsandposies The link is to her blog which is fabulous and has all the links to her shops!

This way please!

Excuse the ironing! A girls's got stuff to do! Notice the lovely flowers and butterflies on the walls? They are from 1oopercentdelicate

This lovely bunting is from Birgitta Designs who is taking some time out at the moment :o)

It's a long way to the first level, but will a cosy little bed up there it's worth the climb! for a doze! Be back soon!


  1. How lovely, I used to spend every summer holiday as a kid staying in the family beachhut at Mudeford, but now we dont live near enough to go all the time. My youngest daughter does have a beachhut style bedroom that we did for her last year though!

  2. What a wonderful, wonderful little space, please can I come for tea and cake Little Miss. Dottie?? So glad you love the space Tshirt, you are a lovely little girl and I love making sweet things for you, your mummy is very, very kind and likes to get you things you really shall love! Best Wishes,

    Mary Poppins xx

  3. Your pretty miss Dottie has a lovely playhouse, what a lucky girl!