Sunday, 18 September 2011

Trinket Box

Just before I set off on my holidays I responded to a question on Twitter by Sophie Franck of the beautiful shop Trinket Box who was looking for a review of her jewellery. Having been a fan on her shop for some time, I was more than happy to oblige!

What I received was truly stunning and it looked ebven better in real life that it had looked on her Website.

Beautifully packaged it really was like receiving a fabulous gift with pretty business cards and everything wrapped in tissue paper.

When I opened the final layer I was stunned, it is truly beautiful and of the highest crafted quality.

The necklace has a fine silver rectangle which was handcrafted from art clay silver [a precious metal clay, when fired it is 99.9% pure silver], it has a lace texture. Sophie then oxidized the piece to enhance the texture. Then the bead is ceramic, strung onto a handmade sterling silver headpin and wrapped in wire :) The wire on this is also oxidized! And the chain is sterling!

All in all a stunning piece that I am very happy to add into my jewellery box. I'm quite difficult to please so the fact that I have just commissioned Sophie to make a matching set of earring for me is a pretty good recommend!

You can follow what Sophie is up to on her Blog
She is also on Facebook !

You can see her beautiful collections on her Website

Even better from now until the end of September if you enter Dottie15 at the check out you will qualify for a 15% discount!!


  1. Thank you for such a lovely review! So pleased you like the pendant, it's always difficult when you're not sure of people's tastes so I'm pleased I got it right :D I've DM'd you on twitter regarding the earrings, should be able to make them tonight! xx

  2. Ohh lovely. When I win the lottery I shall go jewellery shopping!! :o)