Thursday, 20 October 2011

Brushing Shoulders (almost) with Theo Paphitis!

I really like Twitter. It is an endless source of information and inspiration. There are people to chat to day and night about anything!

Every Sunday night there is an opportunity to have your business tweet retweeted by Theo Paphitis of Dragons Den fame. 1000's of hopeful businesses send a tweet with links to their website and hope that he might pick them to retweet to his zillion followers!

Well last Sunday it was me - yay!

By monday I had a 4000% increase on my website traffic, some orders and lots of enquiries!

Exciting times at Dottie HQ!


  1. Amazing, well done you & Congrats :) x

  2. Wow well done!! I keep meaning to tweet him but always seem to forget on a Sunday! Maybe I should set a timer :) So exciting for you to have such a massive response from it! xxx

  3. wow what an amazing response..the Dottie Empire grows!! Fab-u-lous xx