Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Jolly Good idea!

It has to be said that a degree of success that has come my way has been rooted in other peoples idea!
This week I have had another of these happenings!

I came across this fabulous blog post by Margot Bloom
Of course I thought that my boxes would be perfect for the role of the list box!

Which is your favourite?
Good idea?
Think I will list them and see!


  1. I like the Chaos control box! I think they'd be a really good idea to keep stuff in when organising your wedding etc, all the pieces of paperwork :)

  2. Great idea! I like the chaos box too, although I like all of them:) Vic x

  3. Definitely a Jolly Good Idea! :)

  4. Very good ideas. I read the first one as 'Margot's last box', initially! Just wondered what my 'last' box would be. Have put my glasses on now.

  5. Great Idea I love the cupcakes and bunting one.

  6. Fab idea. What about putting a bulldog clip type thing on the inside lid to keep you most important list easy to find in the chaos? Or a wipeclean laminated area on the inside lid to write on???
    Mairi maramjewellery
    (good at chaos busting idea's but not the chaos busting)

  7. They all look great, but my favourite is the one with the cupcakes and bunting. :)

    Rosie. x

  8. I have nominated your blog for a versatile blog award, the rules are over on my blog, please feel free to join in. But i just wanted to add your blog to my list, i hope you don't mind.

    Donna x

  9. Morning! Have nominated you for a Versatile Blog award. Bit of a fun blog hop, I think :o)