Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday Spotlight!

Happy October! My Monday Spotlight today is for the fabulous shop on Folksy NofkantsCurios run by Natalie Ofkants.  Selling a wide variety of goodies Natalie's shop is great and shows off her many creative talents!

Natalie runs the Daily Listing Club on Folksy and tirelessly celebrates with each seller when they have sales, commiserates when they do and is very adept at Happy Dancing too!

I flounce in and out of the club as suits my current mood for that month!  Natalie is there though, whatever the weather and is a complete wonder!

Do have a look around her shop - there are beautiful gifts for all budgets and having bought a few things I can certainly vouch for their excellent quality!

Back midweek with some Brand New Christmas designs!


  1. Natalie always makes such lovely and different items. There is no end to her talents and she works so hard for us on the daily listing thread.

    Great idea to feature her.


  2. I totally agree with you Shirley. Natalie is talented and it is a great idea to show off a few of her gorgeous things.
    Lovely blog Dottie.


  3. Oh Wow!!!!! Thank you so much for such a lovely feature and for all your kind words!

    Folksy and the listing clubs keep me sane and we all make the club something special, but i must admit to enjoying the happy dancing, only exercise I get these days, LOL!

    Natalie xxx