Monday, 15 October 2012

Monday Spotlight!

Today's Monday Spotlight is the lovely Jen at Miss Bohemia.
Miss Bohemia is a designer / maker who creates vintage styled and magical jewellery and a new accessory range which includes trinket & keepsake boxes!
The Miss Bohemia range is inspired by nature, art, books, life, fairytales and fantasy!  Here you will find bohemian glamour, darkly romantic creations,  vintage and Victorian inspired pieces, my fairytale range collection and much more!

Everything has been handmade (or carefully chosen and assembled by me) to create an inspiring collection of jewellery and accessories.  You will also find some pieces include ready made charms as well as vintage components, producing mesmerising results!

She sells in lots of places!  On her Website!, on Etsy in 2 shops! Etsy - Through the Looking Glass and at Miss BohemiaEtsy

Go and have a browse - you won't be disappointed!

Have a lovely week!


  1. Thanks so much Dottie - this is such a lovely feature and a big surprise x


  2. Jens jewellery is beautiful and very eye catching :)