Sunday, 1 September 2013

September Resolutions!

I like September!  I think it comes from having new things to go back to school in as a child!  New shoes, new classroom, new books and pencils - oh yes!  In fact now I think about it, it probably has a lot to do with stationery!!

Anyway - my September resolutions are to get back to posting on my blog!  Just never seems to be enough hours in the day!

Today the children and I are going blackberry picking!  We have seen people coming back from the Alverstoke Country Park that is across the road with bags full!  Hope they have left some for us!

I also have a giveaway at the moment on facebook
Do pop over and enter - this lovely pink and girlie keepsake box is the prize!

Have a lovely Sunday - whatever you are doing!  Back soon :)


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  2. Hope the blackberry picking went well with lots left for you. I like the start of a new month and wondering what it holds. Will head on over to facebook to enter your great giveaway. Keep blogging.

  3. Mmmm Blackberries! I love making Apple and Blackberry crumbles and pies at this time of year. Have been out picking apples today and now have a gallon of cider on the go :D...hic hic....

  4. All the blackberries near my house are too high to reach, tantalizingly!!