Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Craft Juice - Wherever Next!

Today has been a strange one really. My little girl was really sick in the car on her way to Auntie Rene's. It was the first time she'd gone there for exactly 2 hours whilst I went to the school for the boys literacy hour. She was OK but I spent the day smelling rather unpleasant and certainly not smelling of the Vera Wang I put on this morning!

Still having survived literacy, youngest's teacher is very scary I had a productive afternoon.
I discovered Craft Juice. I put this baby boy's keepsake box on it. I really have no idea how it works, something to do with votes and tweeting... Anyway vote for me if you like and I'll tell you what happens next!

Since I discovered Folksy I spend far too much time at my PC, tweeting, blogging, Folksying in the forums, Craft Juicing....No time to keep up with my orders!

Anyway, off to sort out Judo kit for tomorrow, make sandwiches and Feebreeze my car for the 84th time!


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    Best wishes, Claire xx

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  4. Hi

    Thank you all so much!! I am totally overwhelmed! Never had an award before!