Tuesday, 2 February 2010

To sell or not to sell

Why? is the question!

Here is by absolute best selling Guest Book, I have sold about 50 of them! Which is at least 40 more than any of my other books! It was Lucy (thanks Lucy x) who I met at Stansted Park Garden Festival ( a great day out!) who came up with the idea as it was originally on a larger book.

Still 50 sales later the bride and groom have been discontinued and replaced by an equally handsome pair that nobody has bought!

Still not complaining, I never imagined when I made Lucy & Tom's that it would be the model for me to sell so many of one thing!

So today is my doing day, so I better go and do! House is lovely and clean, just need to be careful when opening cupboards(my form of tidying!) that it doesn't all fall on my head!

Coming soon....an idea for the best Mother's Day gift you have ever given x


  1. Hello Dottie! Just joined you. Kx

  2. wow - 50 sales, that's great! I like the idea of the bride and groom being discontinued! I wonder if that's preferable to being divorced! :o)