Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Just a couple of 36 hour days please!!

I am so sorry, Claire at blackcatswhiskers for still not managing to hyperdooperlink names to blogs! She has been really patient and explained in simple terms how to do it but I totally can't.

At any rate on friday with all the kids at school/nursery I will have an award ceremony and officially give out my Sunshine Awards!

Today has been one of those days. My normally lazy Wednesday start was rudely interrupted by the School Secretary saying that I had to pick up youngest boy who was feeling sick. She also explained that he had apparently eaten a chocolate muffin in the car on the way to school (given by my husband - totally the thing for a sick feeling 7yo!) Followed by hot dog sausages at breakfast club. The thought of this combination made me feel sick!

So on the only day I get to straighten my hair I was off on the school run, in the rush hour, with my hat over my unstraightened hair! On arriving at the school he did look a bit peeky!! Still Spit Spot like Mary Poppins I made him come shopping to get some paper that I needed to complete some orders! Good lad managed not to throw until we got home!

Meanwhile 2yo who clearly has nursing potetial wanted to be totally in his space and stroke his head (like the rabbits) all day. He was very patient.

Fast forward to school pick up, 10yo in really bad mood as he has never, ever, not once, ever had even an hour off school for being sick. Always sick at weekends he was pig sick that his brother had been under the duvet all day. He continued to be grumpy unil bedtime!!

I have managed to clear my "making "in tray. Ebay has been mad, I've sold more already in 2010 that I did in the last 6 months of 2009! Yey....long may it continue!

One last thing before I go to make tuna sandwiches for tomorrow...

I got a good offer from Despatch Bay who use DHL and buy cheap to sell on. You don't usually get something for nothing, but this seems very good to me!!
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