Saturday, 13 February 2010

Not sure what it is at the moment but everyone seems to want butterflies for their Wedding Guest Books. I do advertise that I do any colour and my lady in York will turn her hand to most colours. There is just one that didn't turn out too well, but I really don't think that Mother Nature intended butterflies to be in the Campbell tartan anyway!! ( Sorry Fiona is you are reading this!! Your Groom with a kilt was much more fitting!)

At any rate my latest creations have been in gold, green and chocolate. My favourite, (if one can favour butterflies!) is the chocolate which looks decadently rich. Which is your favourite? Happy Valentine's Day for tomorrow, hope that it is filled with flowers, chocolates and love :)


  1. I'm delighted to pass on to you a sunshine award for your blog. please visit me to see how to collect it.
    best wishes

  2. Thank you Claire!!

    That's really kind x