Monday, 1 March 2010

Thoughts of a Blogger....

It has crossed my mind that whilst I blog away perhaps no-one is actually reading them. Oh, I know I've got followers but in this age of I'll follow you if you'll follow me are we all actually going around in a great big circle?

It is in many ways quite cathartic (is that right) to blog...a diary to nowhere, to everywhere...who knows.

I would love to post something beautifully creative that I have made today, but with it being an inset day I was in fact Mum to 3 adorable, high energy whirlwinds and had a day mapped out by Swimming lesson, homework (left over from the weekend), piano, baritone, reading, spellings followed by bowling, a treat for enduring all that went before.

Home to search for a missing donkey (stuffed) followed by iceskating for the eldest who inspired by the olympics wants to do triple toe loops and the like.

So there we have it, day in the life! I'm going to feature said lost donkey (Nibbles) in the hope that it might have some Karma and bring him out from his hiding place.

So....are you you care.....have I lost it......x


  1. I'm reading :o) Though I do have exactly the same thoughts about my blogging ... but I find it therapeutic to randomly waffle into the ether whether anyone reads or not!

  2. I'm reading too!! I like to make time to sit with a cuppa and see how everyone else is doing, so i pick a few blogs a day to catch up on...I ramble on not knowing if it's being read or just skimmed through but as Mrs Mac said it's therapeutic to waffle on...

    I hope nibbles comes home from his 'holiday' soon, it's awful when a member of the extended stuffed family disappear.

    Have a good day Marice x

  3. hahaha your post made me laugh because I wonder exactly the same thing sometimes! But rest assured I have read this one, and you've brightened up my day! xxx

  4. Hi Dottie, I'm reading :)
    I often think the same thing, especially if I write a post and it gets no comments!
    I don't have time to log into Blogger every day, but when I do, I go through the list of blogs I'm following and read the ones where the title & picture jumps out at me.
    Today, your donkey brought me here :) He's very cute and I hope he stops playing hide & seek soon.
    I think it's lovely that your eldest has been inspired by the Olympics! I too love ice skating (watching!!) and would love to be able to twirl around in those pretty dresses but I've got 2 left feet so not much hope for me, lol ;)

    Keep on blogging! :)

  5. I'm here too!! I think every blogger wonders the same thing at times! As you say, it's a great way to put down what you are thinking and feeling as well. My mum always kept a diary, I guess this is the modern equivalent!

    I tend to look at who has updated on my blog list and read the ones that take my fancy.

    Hope Nibbles is found soon, I know how distressing it is when they lose their 'best friend'xx

  6. Thank you all so much, I have been chuckling reading through your replies!!
    So there is a point after all!!:)

  7. Another Sunshine award for you :o)

    Helen x

  8. Been there, done that, with three young children. Know how you feel!Mine are older now (fortunately, ok i'm honest).Gone check out the rest of your blog now.thanks for reading mine.xx