Saturday, 27 February 2010

Spring around the corner!

Gorgeously vibrant (if I say so myself!!!)

An orange blog in honour of this fab book!

Spring is nearly here....honest, it is!! We went on a lovely walk today to the sea front and there were daffoldils sprouting up all over the place! Thank goodness! Personally I find the After Christmas Winter bit a trifle dull and dark. Roll on the sunshine. It was really quite mild, I left off my wooly hat and my 2yo got wet up to her knees in the sea and doesn't seem to be displaying signs of hypothermia yet....

Talking of sunshine I was lucky enough to make a lovely bright Wedding Guest Book today for Nikki & Rio. Their colour choice was bright orange which is just fantastic! I had a wonderful image when I was making it of a country church filled with vibrant flowers and beautiful orange bridesmaids! Clearly I might be totally wrong but it was a jolly image to work to!

Off to collect seashells tomorrow for a rafia and shell this space!

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  1. I can't wait till the spring is here in full swing, there is nothing better than going for a walk in the sun even if it's cold.
    Havea lovely week.
    Emma x