Friday, 26 March 2010

A veritable sea of seahorses!

No Folksy friday for Dottie today, been very busy with Operation Seahorse!

I had an order from a local company for 100 birthday cards to give to their employees with seahorses on. They give them a card and £10 on their birthday! How lucky is that!

Anyway, anyone who has had a look through my shop will notice that seahorses frankly are a bit conspicuous by their absence! To the rescue comes the wonderful Carol at Pop Up Zoo on Folksy who made me 100 fabulous foil seahorses! Anyway here is the final result

They look pretty good! It's been a bit of a tedious day making them, not much room for artistic flair here! Still at least I can feed the cat for the next couple of weeks!

Off to bed now to dream about..........seahorses!! x


  1. I had to make 6 cards the same and thought that was bad enough! They look really lovely and will be well received I'm sure, Di x

  2. very very pretty-a job well done ladies :)

  3. Wow they look great. Well done on getting them all done, hope the customer is pleased, they should be x

  4. What a great order to get! The cards are beautiful! Any reason why they wanted seahorses? Do they have nautical ties??