Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Lucky Lucky me again!

Today has been a fabulous day, sun shining, kids well behaved, just fab! Also....

1. I got my internet connection back, always good when you live permanently in cyberspace!

2. I got lovely feedback from the recipient of the Ooh Laa Laa post book. 3 days from ordering to arriving in Paris, I think that's pretty good. She loved it!

3. I got free advertising on Haptree's spendiferous blog! If you haven't seen it you must look as it is jam packed full of the most amazing tips.

On the creative front I made a fab treasure box and gift wrapped it for the customer. I was rather pleased at how it turned out.

On the home front Miss P played all day in her new playhouse! It's really not finished but she loves it. She did say that she would like some furniture in it though....

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  1. Keep meaning to say hi, have been so busy :o)Let me know if you nee me to change the link at all to shop / blog or whatever x Hilary