Friday, 16 April 2010

Very Late Folksy Friday

I admire those folk that are able to post on Folksy "Here's my Folksy Friday" at 8am or 9am or even anything am!! I can only guess that they are either super-organised or don't have 3 kids to sort out, 3 guinea pigs to prevent from neglect, washing, cleaning, ironing plus orders to make up!!

Still in a better late than never Folksy Friday I am going to feature the furnitureless playhouse from earlier in the week.

It's a bit of a shell and in need a bit of love! Tomorrow OH is going to patch up the leaky bits and re-felt the roof. Miss P has played in their all week. Leaks or no leaks!

So my picks today are things that I would like to have in or around the playhouse when it's finished!

These things are gorgeous, check out their shops and see!

Clare's Creations

Birgitta Designs

Watch the playhouse transform!!


  1. Great shopping list and how cool is that - to have a playhouse?!

  2. I want your playhouse!! OK I'll settle for the lovely wooden boats. Kx

  3. Wow what super cute picks!
    A playhouse will be great, how lucky is Miss P???
    Love Kitty xXx

  4. oh, my little diva would just flip over that. I had one when I was a kid, but I believe it came with the house when my parents purchased it. Can't wait to see all the updates to yours as you perfect it!

  5. Love the boats!
    Know just how you feel, some people have it all perfect and i don't know how they manage it. Good luck with the playhouse.xx

  6. Thanks for featuring Hester Rabbit, I would have loved a playhouse like that when I was growing up. Good luck with it x

  7. That playhouse is going to be gorgeous! Thanks for featuring my wooden boats, if you'd like one personalised at no extra cost, just let me know ;) Elli

  8. they are lovely picks for a playhouse. You'll have to get Miss P going making things for it with you. My daughter used to make houses out of cardboard boxes, she'd have loved a playhouse to decorate!

  9. I want a playhouse too1 I think my garden's a bit too small though; that one would take up the majority of the space. I love those wooden boats.

    Oh, I managed to post my FF at 5am-ish due to small person being up and about and wreaking havoc from 3 in the morning. Swap??

  10. Love your playhouse, can I pop in for tea sometime? I only live down the road.
    I want one where I can go and hide and create!
    I have one of Gelert's fairy doors, they look wonderful in the flesh!