Sunday, 30 May 2010

Baby Shower Book

I was lucky enough recently to be commissioned by Trish at Moodycowdesigns to make a Baby Shower book for her niece.
She posted a thread on the Folksy Forum and everyone was happy to impart their words of wisdom, about motherhood, to Trish.
Well the baby has been born and Trish has blogged about it...

She also took some great pictures of the finished article!! Always nice to see what happens to what you've made.


  1. thanks Dottie xxx
    and you are welcome to the photo !!
    She loved the book .......going up to London to visit the new arrival tomorrow (mon) ,am very excited :)

  2. Good job all round, what a very personal gift! I don't know if you know but Trish quoted you as her fave blog today as well!

  3. Thats a lovely gift and so colourful