Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Busy, busy!

Dottie HQ has been buzzing with activity in the last few weeks hence my lack of blog posts (and sleep!) Since becoming a Top Rated Seller on ebay my sales have trebled and I still promise to dispatch within 2 days, so no time to nap! If it gets any busier I might need to go to 3 days! I'm pleased to say that in 2 days I have sold 3 of these Keepsake Boxes which is great as 10% of the sale goes to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

My youngest son has decided that he wants to be a Fashion designer when he grows up ( last week he wanted to be in a boy band!) and he has entered a competition at school to design a Wedding Dress for one of the teachers. He was quite minimalist with the pile of bits that I gave him to use and had the idea himself to do a front and back shot of the dress. Pretty canny for 7!

On the playhouse front we have progress! Windows you can see through, a porch and even curtains! It's Miss P's birthday at the weekend so it will be adorned with bunting and....shhh...don't tell her....she has a washing machine and dishwasher ready to go in there!!

Have a great Tuesday! xxx


  1. Congratulations on all your sales! Not suprised though - they are very very pretty :) sarah x

  2. congrats, I hear of so many people doing badly on ebay it is good to hear of someone doing well! :)

  3. wow well done you on your sales on ebay ......I think I will be sending you that bag you covet before toooooooo long :)
    loving the playhouse !!!xx

  4. Congratulations! I think your son is on to something, that dress is stunning. As for the house, well all I can say it looks better than mine and has far more mod cons!!!