Sunday, 16 May 2010

Health and Safety gone mad!

The weekend has flown again and all my plans for Folksy Friday will have to wait until next week!

We had a lovely family weekend, getting the garden ready for summer. Trampoline is up, guinea pigs freed from the garage and new windows in the playhouse which is looking pretty good.

We did a spot of baking too, cheesey twists. Very dangerous but my Miss P was prepared, she's watched I can Cook on Cbeebies and knew that she had to be careful....

I would have taken a photo of the spendid finished product but food doesn't stick around that long in my house.....!


  1. Aaaaahh, bless her ! Watchout Delia !
    Did you get any bunting by the way ? I responded to your thread.

  2. Yes, thanks, still undecided as to all weather bunting or put it out take it in bunting! Thanks though x

  3. Oh such a sweetie!


    Natalie x

  4. She looks soooo cute! Bless her heart! C. x

  5. wee one loves 'I Can Cook' as well. Last time we baked I hardy had to tell her what to do. She had the dough spread with tomato puree and rolled into spirals before I could ask what she was going to make!