Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Dottie's Fabulous Giveaway!

It's giveaway time to celebrate

1. 200+ feedbacks and my anniversary on ebay
2. My best week ever on Folksy
3. Over 400 followers on Twitter
4. Nearly 200 blog followers
5. Life being pretty damn good!

It's not a complicated one, no research needed, no guessing games, no hoops to jump through! You get automatic entry into the competition if you;

a. Leave me a note on the blog saying what you would buy from any of my shops if you had a blank cheque.

b. You get another entry if you have left a message and follow my blog.

c. You get another entry for liking me on facebook (please, I NEED likers!!)

d. Lastly if you tweet a link back to this blog competition you get another one.

So maximum of 4 chances to win.

Win what I hear you cry

Well, there's a choice of prize for the lucky winner!

£10 voucher to spend as you like in any of my shops!


A card kit worth at least £10 (probably a lot more!!)


A box of lovely cards!

Please make sure when you leave your note that you say which prize you would choose and also where I can contact you if that's not obvious!

Winner will be drawn on Friday 26th June at 7pm!

Good luck!


  1. congrats, glad things are going well!

    I've tweeted this for you, see here

    and if I had a blank cheque of course I would buy from you (unfortunatly I am skint otherwise I would be buying from alot of people)


  2. oh forgot sorry, I would like the cards if I was lucky enough to win :)

    email me at :)

  3. I would buy a keep sake box. Yhe lilies one is lovely. And If i win I would choose the cards.

  4. Ooo, I love the elephant keepsake box. Just going to retweet your tweet. Think I am liking your facebook page. I'll go and check.
    Lovely blog by the way.
    Rachael xx

  5. I would buy a baby memory book for my 2nd grandchild due in 6 weeks - don't know which one as we don't know it's sex !
    I f I win I would love the cards .

    So pleased things are going well for you - you desrve it !

  6. hi i would buy 3 keepsake boxes for my three lovely children!!!
    if i won i would prob take the cards as i always forget to buy them!!
    email is
    think i am following you on fb and twit and here but will check
    sam xx

  7. Ooooh - a nice simple question for me!! I would lurve one of your so pretty personalised Wedding Books as a gift for my lovely niece Amy who's getting married next year.
    I'm sure I already follow you and 'like' you but afraid can't be doing with the ole twittering - some things are just beyond these grey cells ;-)
    Good Luck with your Giveaway, Di x

  8. Lovely Giveaway Dottie! I adore all your albums and am just awaiting an occasion to purchase one ... it is difficult to choose just one ... but it I have too, I like this one:-

    But if I could make an advance, I would adore a memory / comment book for my Hubby's 50th Birthday, but it is not for a couple of years.

    Natalie x

  9. Wow! What a wonderful give away!

    I found it very hard to choose but if I was lucky enough to win, then I would plump for the box of cards as my prize - that way I get to share it with the people I most love on their birthdays!

    I really like the 40th birthday album you have for sale at the moment. I am a couple of bithdays away from this one at the moment, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared! If I had a blank cheque, I would buy it.

    Jacqueline x

  10. Hi Dottie, great giveaway - I'd go for the voucher if I won.

    So hard to choose one item in your shop as I have a number of events coming up that your books would be fantastic for, but if the blank cheque was in front of me now I'd go for the Personalised Large Photo Album with a tractor design like you've got listed and fill it with photo's and my son's drawings from the last year for his 2nd birthday in a couple of months. Already 'like' you on fb and already follow you here. Off to tweet the comp now! Zoe. x

  11. congratualtions on all your milestones :)

    id like the voucher to put towards the baby keepsake these, and i have another nephew due in 5 add to the 12 nieces and nephews i already have :/ lol

    im itsthelittlethings on Folksy

    good luck, great giveaway! xx

  12. Hi Dottie, I was already liking your facebook page and already following your blog x I love the heart photo album in your shop, its beautiful x
    If I won I would love the cards, this is my link;
    Great giveaway dottie!

  13. Hi Dottie D.
    I'd buy a keepsake box or 3. . . boys, wedding maybe even godchildren would def need a blank cheque.
    I am already a happy follower love popping in to see whats going on.
    Will tweet you now.
    Have a fab day. xxx

  14. Hi Dottie. I'd buy a wedding guest album, wedding keepsake box and birthday keepsake boxes for each year of my daughter's life to store all her cards and candles etc.
    I'm already a follower and liker on facebook. You can get me at

  15. I love competitions! and Love your shops Dottie- Have tweeted about this giveaway via FB. Already following your blog and twitter.
    I would buy one of your keepsake boxes probably the one with the roses heart on it :) xx

  16. Hi Dottie
    I love your albums and memory boxes. If I had a blank cheque I'd buy loads!! Some beautiful baby ones for the kids I'm going to have one day and weddings one for friends who are getting married soon.
    I think my favouritist favourites are:

    Great giveaway! I'm a follower and liker but don't do twitter ;op

  17. can I touch your hem o great one and perhaps some of that "luck" will rub off on me !!! wow what a time you are having(well deserved) well done hon know I am already a big thing on my list will be the baby girl keepsake box ,already follow your blog and "like" you ! and if I won the box of cards would be brill xx
    trish xx

  18. What a brill giveaway.

    I would buy the baby girl keepsake box for a friend who is due in 2 weeks.
    I already follow you both here and on Facebook and I would love to win the box of cards.

    Deelights (Leona)

  19. I also tweeted your giveaway, I don't know how to link to it though. : )

  20. Ahem! Will have to cheat and the say the blank cheque would allow me to buy everything! You'd get over the shock & I have friends who would LOVE your stuff! Already following your blog! Off to check facebook too!

  21. A ha! Already 'like' you on Facebook! lol

  22. Hello! Fab shop - just posted a hello message on your facebook group (I'm liking you on there too!)

    I love your albums - just got married and if I had a blank cheque I'd go for this wedding photo album (to keep my wedding phots in as I can't afford one at the moment - sob)

    If I were to win your prize the box of cards would be very handy :)


  23. I like this photo album for all occasions In the age of digital photos we are all guilty of leaving them on the computer.

    I would love the box of cards so I could always be prepared!

  24. I am a follower of your blog.

  25. If I had a blank cheque I would buy this

    If I won I would probably have the voucher then I could buy that lovely box


  26. If i had a blank cheque i would buy keepsake boxes to keep all my childrens wonderful pictures and other things that we have collected over the years - have 5 children so have lots of things tucked away. Loving your designs. Just noticed your from Lee-on-the-Solent lovely place right by the sea used to stay in Gosport myself but now in Scotland.

  27. oops would love to win the voucher (

  28. OH oh oh i want a box of cards!!
    Love your keepsake boxes, mine is filling up nicely!
    Have followed you here, already a fan on facebook :D and just off to retweet you!

  29. A blank cheque? Well that's simple, I'd buy everything of course! There's always someone in need of a beautiful handmade item and yours are gorgeous! ^___^

    Poke me on Folksy if you need my attention <3

  30. If I had a blank cheque I'd buy all your organza ribbon, if I I was lucky enough to win I'd like the voucher so I could buy some organza ribbon :-)

    You can find me on Folksy under Bee Honey Designs if I do win :-)

  31. If I had a blank cheque I'd just buy your shop ;) I loooove your cards! But if I won the £10 voucher I'd spend hours browsing deciding what to buy :)


  32. Hi Dottie!
    I've liked you on Facebook this evening.
    If I had a blank cheque, I would buy a lily book (cos my hubby is MAD on lillies and I had them as my wedding flowers), I would buy 2 baby keepsake boxes for my neice and my neice to be born in 11 weeks and I would buy one of your card kits (for ME!!!)

    Paula xx

  33. Hi Dottie
    No idea why I wasnt already following you here, sorry for that. I have also 'liked' you on facebook.
    If I had a tenner to spend in your shop I would put it toward a keepsake box, this one
    To put memories of my late dogs in.

    Lynda x

  34. Hi dottie, what a great giveaway, following your blog and liked your facebook page (thought i already liked your fb but apparently i didnt!) if i was lucky enough to win i think i would like the pack of cards although i'd be tempted by the £10 so i could buy something lovely from your shop. if i had a blank cheque id buy a keepsake box and the christening memory book.
    you have so much lovely stuff!. x

  35. I would buy the baby boy keepsake box as I'm having a baby boy in 7 weeks time...eeeek! If I won my prize would be £10 voucher...perhaps to go towards the baby keepsake box :-)

    Anne, Sweetbabylula on Twitter
    following you on Facebook too
    and will now retweet your comp for you.

  36. I would like to win a box of your cards or if I could choose something out of your shop I would put the voucher towards one of your memory boxes for my 2 little grandaughters who live in Sydney.
    Have liked your FB page and will follow and tweet!

  37. If I had a blank cheque I would like to buy one of your hen night guest books. My friend is having her hen night weekend in July and I think it would be a lovely keepsake to be able to give her a book filled with memories of the weekend.

    If I was lucky enough to win I'd love to have the £10 voucher to put towards buying the hen night guest book. Even if I don't win I think I'll be treating my friend to this anyway!

    I have also followed you on Twitter and tweeted a link - I'm dawny_cupcake


  38. Wow, with a blank cheque I could buy everything! My favourite items are your photo albums, I'd love one of those. Or a beautiful keepsake box.

    If I was lucky enough to win, any of those prizes would be amazing, but I especially like the box of cards :)

    Thanks from me -

  39. Lovely giveaway!

    If I had a blank cheque to spend in your shop, I'd have to buy some of your cards as I'm always running out of places to buy nice, unique birthday cards. But I'd also be really tempted by a keepsake box, not for anything in particular, just because they're pretty : )

    Have tweeted (@AetharaGirl), and am following your blog.

    Would love to win the card kit - I like being creative, I'm just not very good at it!!

  40. If I had a blank cheque............I would definately purchase four of your keepsake boxes for my four beautiful children.

    I am a follower and I will 'like' you on Facebook right now. Sorry I don't do Twitter - yet!!!!

    And I would love to win the box of cards - gorgeous!!!!!

  41. Hi Dottie, if i had a blank cheque for your shop i would stack up on about everything, but defenately your honeymoon keepsake. I would put my perfect honeymoon in there, full of romance, sunshine and defenately no plastercasts!
    Would love to win your box of cards and I'll retweet and like you asap.
    xxx Mirjam
    reach me at or on folksy or on

  42. Hi - I love all your stuff on your website :) - this is a lovely giveaway - have tweeted for you

  43. I just love everything that you make Dottie! I would buy a baby keepsake box for my sister who is due to 'pop' in 3 weeks!! x x MiMi x x

  44. Love it all but especially the rose heart album and the luxury card making kit :o) i'd have such fun :o) xxb