Sunday, 20 June 2010

My Brilliant Dad....

Todays blog is dedicated to my Dad who is in fact the most brilliant Dad in the World....ever! He is 78 years old but runs around like a teenager. He has a much better social life than me! He is a whizz on the computer, has a mobile phone and is the most hip and happening Grandad that you could ever wish for.

He likes sailing. In fact he still races competitively and sometimes wins (much to the disgust of the younger competitors I would imagine!)

He loves motorbikes. Thankfully he doesn't ride one himself nowadays but he watches Plymouth Devils at Speedway in Plymouth every week!

He loves music. Having taught many a child to the standard that they were able to join the Royal Marine Band, he now plays the organ for various people, functions, old peoples homes and Masonic events all for fun and never accepting payment!

He is always really supportive of whatever I do and in fact has bought lots of Guest Books from me for Masonic dinners that he is invited to that he then gives to them as a gift.

He likes lots of other things too and most of all he is brilliant and patient with his 3 Grandchildren even when they are all fighting for his attention at the same time!

Thanks Dad, you're a legend....P.S This is instead of a present!!


  1. Happy Father's day for this brilliant dad! Glad i have one too. Great idea to do this instead of a present, who needs another aftershave? Have a happy,happy Sunday. XX

  2. what a lovely way to say happy fathers day!
    : )