Thursday, 10 June 2010

Folksy June Loons Friday

Well I've managed to keep up with the Loons and have listed an item a day so far in June. It makes absolute sense that by listing every day you are keeping your shop fresh and well stocked.

There is definitely a feeling of comradery too with lots of encouragement and support.

Natalie of Nofcantscurious is the kingpin and she does a stirling job of keeping everyone updated on sales and giving encouragement here and there. Thanks Natalie!

Today I am going to feature those Foolers who have yet to have a sale. There are lots of fabulous things to be bought, have a look through their shops and you will see for yourself.
Firstly is The Sunroom

How cute is this?!!

No 2 shop is Dropscone

Beautiful colours....

No 3 shop is Mirribeads. This is so pretty

Next is Crafty Mushroom

I love this happy card!

Mary Elliot Jewellery is next - just gorgeous!

Then we have the talented BlueButton

What a great sunhat!

Finally we have JCU who promises to catch up with the Loons at the weekend - We'll be watching! This is stunning!

Next week Dottie Designs will be staging it's second blog giveaway with details to follow. Any purchases made as a direct result of going from my blog to a Foolers shop will give you entry into the competition x 3. ( You will need to let me know though!)

Happy shopping and have a tippity toppity weekend!


  1. Thanks for including my sun hat. I love the necklace from Mirribeads, gorgeous colours.

  2. Ohhh first ever blog feature!!! thanks and big hugggg! Mad about the tea cosie from the sunroom. If this weather continues I shall have to get one to brighten up. :) x Mirribeads

  3. love the "don't worry, bee happy" card

  4. That tea cosy is so bright and fun, I love it!!

  5. Thanks Dottie,

    What a lovely collection of great handmade products.

  6. Thank you for including my Happy Bee card! Such gorgeous items from everyone!

  7. Thnaks for featuring my earrings Dottie - you're a star! A shining star :) xx

  8. thank you for featuring me! I've had to delist that bracelet because I'm sending it to Kind Dog for her strawberry tea, but I will try to re-list it later :)

  9. What a lovely selection, from very deserving of sales Loons!

    Thank you for the KingPon mention, LOL sound like some sort of gang leader or mafia boss! He He! We are a loony gang but happy madness!

    Love Natalie x

  10. that teacosy made me smile, great choices Dottie, have a lovely weekend xx

    Kellie (itsthelittlehtings)

  11. Great picks- and its great to know that some of those you featured have now had sales. Yay!!

  12. Beautiful items, well chosen