Sunday, 13 June 2010

A Thank You Post

I have been very lazy of late in not thanking people who have either made great things for me or have picked me as the winner of their giveaways. I have been really lucky - it's great!
Firstly my thanks goes to Hathors Bath. I won a giveaway from them before I even had a blog and never really thanked them properly! I won 2 of the most luxurious bars of soap! 1 is gone and the other 1/2 used. Truely scrummy!

Here are a few of their goodies.

My second thanks goes to Deelights Jewellery

I won a £10 voucher in her blog competion and skipped off to her on line shop to choose something lovely for me! I was very difficult to choose something as all of her pieces are beautiful. Here are a few of the fabulous creations in her shop.

Finally thank you to NotJustHandbags.

I am now the proud owner of one of Elissa's gorgeuos handbags. Here are a few that she has for sale at the moment.

I will be having my Second blog giveaway starting very shortly, so make sure that you pop back soon so you don't miss out!


  1. Ohhhh lovely wins. I won a gift voucher from Buttons and Beads. I also won a years web hosting but even though several emails pinged back and forth I never received it. . . :o(

  2. Ooh Dottie you are on a roll at the moment, any chance you might have a guess at the lottery numbers for this week? lol Glad you liked the bag! Elissa x

  3. Well done Dottie, lovely prizes. Thank you for the mention and for showing off a few of my other creations. Glad you liked the necklace! : )

  4. Ooooh- lovely wins you lucky girl. Hope you had a fun(?) trip to West Quay today