Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Giveaway Update & some June Loons

Thank you to all my giveaway entrants! Because of a few

I now have over 200 blog followers and

I now have over 500 Twitter followers and

England won the footaball.....yay..........

I am going to give away ALL my prizes!! That's right....all of them! So there will be 3 pools of potential winners based on their prize preferences and 3 winners!

Blimey I'm generous! Must be all the positivity I have received doing the June Loons! I have suprised myself at being able to list an item a day but I am equally amazes that there are listers at 4.30am!! Bloggers at 5am!! And without fail Natalie updayes the tally before I have the PC switched on!

Here are a few of my June Loon faves from today! Click on the photo to go to the shop!

Off to have a beer to celebrate the footie! Have a nice evening x


  1. Enjoy your beer!
    Natalie's always posted the tally before I've turned the 'puter on too.
    Thanks for featuring my little earrings. I love Trish's star purse

  2. Thanks for including me Dottie! :) enjoy the beer. x

  3. Yay, Dottie, Yay England!!!!!

    Lovely choices!

    Hot and bothered but happy about the footie!

    Natalie x

  4. Ooooooh how exciting.... hope I win!!!

  5. What a day eh :0) And what lovely choices and congratulations on all your followers etc, very well deserved, thank you very much for the mention of my patchwork cushion, very sweet of you :0)


  6. beer mmmmmmmmmmm now that sounds like a great idea !! after all your keeping up in the listings you surely need one .......thank you for mentioning my little is in lovely company ,good choices
    trish xxx

  7. Bet your watching the tennis now Dottie he he
    Lovely selection :)