Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Happy Birthday Mr Dottie :)

Happy Birthday to you.................

Most normal people would just say that but as with most things in my life everything is just slightly different. So here is Mr Dottie's cake as he is half way across the Atlantic on his was to the States.
Mr Dottie is a tip top chat who never complains that I have taken over a third of the house for Dottie HQ. He is happy to post my parcels for me, is a good critic and even mans my stand for me when I'm out and about and need a break!
So have a slice of scrummy cake and Happy Birthday xxx


  1. Mmmh, that looks tasty.

    Happy Birthday to Mr Dottie.

    Lynda x

  2. I would turn round and come back for that cake !!
    Happy Birthday Mr Dottie !!
    Trish x