Thursday, 23 September 2010


Forget the sitcom, they should just come and film an average day in my house, it's chaos. 1 step forward and 7 back most days!

Trying to work at home with an over enthusiastically helpful 3 year old provides its own unique set of challenges. If I am cutting she wants to cut, if I'm gluing she wants to glue and is I'm wrapping parcels for dispatch, she's there with the cello tape. It is quite nice that she's helpful!!

My boys on the otherhand ask profound questions such as "what's the profit margin on that?" and "are you ever going to get a proper job again?"

With my OH away (1/2) way across the Atlantic I do find that I don't have enough hands to go around and need to get a Hologram or 2 at bedtime!

Still I'm lucky that I get to do what I want for a job, even if it's between 10pm and 2am :)

Meanwhile, did I mention that my Daughter thinks she is actually Jessie from Toystory and will only answer to that name!!

Not complaining though, wouldn't swap my life for anything (well almost anything) x


  1. LOL. Love it. My son always wants to 'help it mummy'.
    Daddy is here now but off soon for a month in America with work and then in Jan goes away for 5 mths by then we will have number two so expecting lots of fun and games.