Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Very Exciting & Pretty Pretty!

I have had a busy day today getting my photographs organised and new listings to put into my new virtual boutique at Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous! I am very excited and lucky to have been accepted and really like the feel of the shop. This elephant book will be listed later but at the moment I only have one thing in my shop!!

I need to develop a system too as I am now selling in so many different places it's important to keep track of what's where!!

So I relisted a ballet box for my Folksy November Sparks and tried to stay away from the forum thread as there are so many beautiful things being listed that I want to buy!

Click on the photo if you like to go straight to the item in the shop!


  1. Dottie,
    Thanks for including my bracelet in your Folksy picks and best of luck with your new shop :-)

  2. Lovely choices and congrats on the new boutique! Tracey x

  3. Congrats with the new shop and thanks for the feature of my wreath bracelet :-)
    xxx Mirjam

  4. Lovely feature items!

    Best wishes for your new venture!

    Natalie x

  5. Fab choices. Hannelore's necklace is really unusual. Congrats on your new shop too

  6. Great choices Dottie. Let me know how you get on selling on their, I have thought about it but am concentrating on my own website at mo - that's costing me enough :)

    Will keep a look out for you on there!

  7. Thank you for including my necklace. Love the bracelets too and your boxes are great.