Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Special Showcase....

The Monthly listing clubs on Folksy have been a fabulous success. Whilst the forums are full of people moaning about their lack of sales, the listing clubs have gone from strength to strength. They have been running for a year now with the first on starting on April 1st last year.

This month has seen over 1000 sales for the listers who try to list every day. It is certain that this regular listing which gives you a constant visibility, combined with interacting on the listing thread brings the "sales fairy" that remains elusive to so many.

The backbone on the listers for the last year has been Natalie Ofkants. From starting the thread daily, to encouragement and a great deal of "happy dancing" Natalie holds the infrastructure together. We all pop onto the listing thread and she joins in the successes and trials and tribulations of all all. all day, every day.

Natalie...........Thank you x

So here are some things from this fabulous ladies shop. A very large shop having been listing for a whole year but one that I can personally recommend having bought both jewellery and woolies from her :o ) NOfkantsCurios

Natalie, you are a legend x

PS it all starts again tomorrow with the April Show-ers!


  1. What a fab thing to do Dottie........she is definitely a legend,how she manages to keep up with us all,as well as her own shop and life in general is amazing!! Natalie we salute you xxx

  2. what a lovely post dottie

    and thankyou Natalie, I really don't know how you manage it

    Kate x

  3. That is lovely and very true. I thank you too Natalie.

  4. Fab post Dottie! Thanks muchly Natalie

  5. what a lovely idea dottie
    natalie amazes me with her organisation and enthusiasm
    thanks natalie :)

    lisamarie x

  6. Thank you Dottie ad my Folksy Friends! So kind of you all, but in total honesty, the listing clubs have been a real life line for me, and I would miss it terribly if I had to stop!

    You have all made it a wonderful success, and the listing clubs would be nothing without you all, just a mad bint chattering to herself and hopping about her living room!

    So lovely of you Dottie and I feel very over whealmed by your kindness for this lovely blog.

    Natalie xxx

  7. I can't wait to come off mat leave and get back into it all again.
    Thank you for the card. It's lovely. As my hubby is completely rubbish I am going to send it to his mum with a box of thorntons finest. . .
    You are a star. . .