Saturday, 2 April 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely Mums out there! I'm not holding out much hope but I night of unbroken sleep would be good and maybe a lie in past 6am? My oh is (still) away so what I would really like is a day of harmony :o)

I miss my Mum and these flowers are for her as she loved freesias and I wish that I bought them for her more often.... Hope that you are all being pampered and showered with special gifts on this Special Day x


  1. Hope your Mothers Day is turning out ok!! Freesias are my favourite flowers too... No 1 son in China ,probably doesn't even realise its Mothers Day but had a phone call from No2 son otherwise its a day like any other!! enjoy the rest of your day xx

  2. Hugs to you x I've bought daffodils in memory of my Mum today x

    Jo x

  3. Aww my oh is away too has been since beggining Jan two months to go. . .
    I borrowed another hubby for the day and took the boys on a welfare trip. It was great fun until the tantrums started. A wonderful friend had taken no1 son shopping and I had some gifts to open which was really special. I would have loved a phone call from hubby but no lines out today. . . :o(
    I hope you had a lovely day in the end. xxx