Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wednesday Goodies!

What a day!! It started with my 8yo falling over and scraping all the skin off his arm at 0750 whilst running into school to not be late for Judo! As it was he didn't make it at all and spent the next hour in the medical room with me playing nurse!

Luckily he is fine as I was a poor (impatient) nurse and I managed to get back and take some photos of new things to list. I did this album for my ironing lady! She hardly ever gets money from me, just albums, boxes and cards. Win win for me! She is planning to fill it with photos of her 3 year old Daughter. What a lovely gift!

There were a few other things that caught my eye on Folksy today in the Hares listing. Either because they were jolly and colourful or as they are things that I might just buy for myself!

It's been lovely and sunny in Hampshire today, I hope it's been lovely where you are x


  1. I'm going to be Nanna, rather than a Grandma, when the time comes of course, hopefully not for a few years yet though. LOL!

    Loving all your choices, such a colourful feature gallery.

    Natalie x

  2. Awww. Poor mite! Fab album too.
    Great choices from the Hares. Loving the dinosaur!

  3. It's been gorgeous here too - managed to get some sage, raspberries and garlic planted this afternoon. More gardening tomorrow!

    Thanks so much for including my Pink Flowers card wallet - really chuffed! :)

    Rosie. xxx

  4. Lovely selection and love your new album. Hmm, maybe a Christmas present for my stepmother. Still haven`t got over the gorgeous keepsake boxes yet. Linda

  5. Lovely selection and thank you for including my purse.

    Pants x

  6. Lovely selection Dottie. I love P&P's purse.
    Thank you for including my Dragonfly x

  7. I'm Grannypam to my grandchildren and step-grandchildren - not sure that would fit!
    I love your choices :)