Sunday, 27 March 2011

Bit of Design Time....

It's been pretty hectic this year @Dotties! Orders have been coming in from all quarters and people rush into the Post Office to get ahead of me in the queue. Whilst it's brilliant to be busy, I realised that I was just making the same popular items over and over. So I decided it was about time for a bit of creativity and have designed a few new products. This Wedding Guest Book is so pretty. With gorgeous pink and cream tea roses it feels very summery. This will be available in a range of colours including red, chocolate brown and purple.

These new baby books are less fussy than my normal books with not a sign of organza anywhere. They are modern and simple yet very effective designs. The "perfect gift for a newborn" commented somebody on Twitter. I hope they are right!


  1. They are gorgeous! Great to hear you are busy! x

  2. I really love the colours of the baby books and that wedding book is fab. Makes me wish I was getting married (again) and present hubby would let me have more babies!!

    It is great to hear you are busy x