Friday, 22 April 2011

New Branding for Dottie & a Thank you

I have long been thinking that I needed to tie together all of my shops with the same type of branding. My Website was different to my Folksy/Etsy shops and none were based on the logo that I had originally wanted to use. This was designed by my first Wed Designer and based on a logo that I used to hand draw on the back of my cards starting in 2005.

As things had developed and my original website disappeared the logo had got lost in the changes.

After posting a "what shall I do?" thread on Folksy a lovely lady called Jools offered to help me! She designed a new logo/banner and avatar for me for nothing! Very very kind and way beyond what I could have achieved myself.

Have a click through on the links to see what you think of my new look website! Any comments greatly received :o)
Jools has a blog so pop over and check out who this lovely person is! She also has a shop on folksy

Her ethos is to provide evolution of projects in stitch, papercraft, felt, bookbinding, knit, fabric, watercolour and jewellery. She works from home with a range of inspirations and materials, recycling where possible and always hand painting, sewing, colouring and dying. Her aim is to put new things into the world without taking too much from it....

So thanks Jools - great work that you did for me and I am very grateful :o)

Dottie x


  1. Jools is fab! A highly amusing writer too. :)

    Rosie. x

  2. Cor, this is amazing, thank you! I'm almost no longer feeling the need to gorge on easter eggs now, I'm so thrilled. I reckon you've brought me down from half a dozen to one or two, so my (currently extremely rotund) waistline thanks you as well.

    A salute to Rosie too, queen of sewing and my business card wallet hero.

  3. What a lovely lady. Her blog is great, too. Looking forward to seeing the hairy crochet, and if Jools is really only going to eat one or two eggs, would she like to send the remainer in this direction..?

    Marie xx

  4. A fantastic make over and really suits your shop!

    Natalie x