Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Getting Ready....

For Easter!! Although Easter is actually over 2 weeks away, most schools have broken up already or do so on Friday. Today Miss P and I set to making some things for her Nursery teachers as it is the last day on Friday.

I say making, actually Mr Sainsburys made the cupcakes, but he has far more time on his hands than we do! We thought that we did a marvellous job wrapping them up to look pretty!

Miss P made the cards, each decorated beautifully and very individully as I'm sure that you will agree that that is important!

Finally we dressed as pirates in honour of the bit of the Easter story where the Disciples wrestle the pirates for the Easter Eggs, you know the bit?!


  1. Awesome! what else can I say! I want come and live with you your house sounds marvelous

    Max x

  2. Yep, I know the bit you are talking about!

  3. Ahhh they look lovely and she looks very cute. Thats a new bit on the story but quite reasonable and fun too. Linda

  4. Ah yes that famous bit of the Easter story! ;oD
    Beautiful cupcake pressies and cards and adorable lil' pirate