Friday, 20 May 2011

A bit of Dottie Branding!

For a long time I have been thinking that I need to capitalise on repeat orders. I get lots of repeat orders from happy customers, yet my Guest Books, especially the Wedding ones are seen by 100's of people and although I'm sure (I'd like to think!!) that they are admired, there is no branding on them. I had tried various stickers and to me they just cheapened the look of the book so I abandoned them. I was delighted therefore to come across this fab company whilst on Twitter.

To hear other people raving about their stickers is as good a recommend as you can get and was good enough for me!

I contacted Tia at Who ate my Crayons with an idea and what she produced is perfect. It's tranluscent so looks subtle and stylish on the book inside back cover.

I am really pleased and hopefully it may inspire lots of other people to place orders with me!

Next stop was packaging! Whilst my parcels have always looked fine I decided (after receiving some splendidly packaged goodies recently) that I needed to up my game and make my parcels a bit prettier.

I printed off my own labels - couldn't decide which colour I liked best!

Here is the final product! I would like to think that this would get opened before the bills!

Have a good weekend!


  1. They look really good - thanks for the shout, I will go and check it out! xx

  2. Wow I think they look great!

  3. I used to follow that company on my blog and last yr I won a yrs hosting and web design or something similar. I waited and waited and contacted them several times and never received a thing! :o(