Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Cards....oh yes, I remember!

I used to make cards.....just cards. It was fun but was never going to be a source of sensible income trying to handmake and personalise individual cards. These days I rarely make them as Dottie Designs has changed direction and continues to pick up pace.

I used to sell cards when I was starting out in the staff room at All Hallows School in Somerset where my Son was being educated there.

In fact the tremendously lovely Becky Peabody - of Dots and Spots fame who was teaching there used to take my box of cards to the staff room for me!

Here is the school....fabulous buildings and grounds.

In 2007 we moved East into Hampshire and it is very flattering that I still get the annual calls to make cards for them. Today was to make a batch of First Holy Communion Cards. I enjoyed making them!

Here they are!

It took ages though and as I plan my evening around making up album orders and keepsake boxes, I know that I made the right choice to change direction!!!

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