Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

Today I have been remembering my Dad who was a brilliant Dad and who I miss like mad.

For those of you with Dads please cherish them as we all think that people will be with us forever but sadly that's not the case.

I did this blog for my Dad last year.

He printed it off and gave lots of copies to people! I like that :o)

So back in 2011 we decided to get away for the weekend in our new Motor home!

We stayed in a great place at Littlehampton where there were lots of things to keep the children entertained whilst we drank some wine!

Often arch enemies, my boys look like they are getting on really well here!!

Littlehampton is lovely. I love the way that the beach huts are clustered and form a slight arc.

We had some fun chilling out - no piano practice today!!

And of course we had some ice creams!

Hope that you had a nice Father's Day, whatever you have been doing....


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  1. Your post to your dad last year is so lovely, he sounds like he was a brilliant dad. Glad you had a good weekend away, looks like you had lots of fun! x